During my student teaching placement, I got to know the sweetest little girl named Mila. She was blind and had autism and her favorite thing in the world was listening to the song Old McDonald and every single day her hair was in the cutest pigtails ever. Because she couldn’t see people with her eyes, […]

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This year I’ve started leading YoungLife College. If you don’t know what YoungLife is its an evangelism and discipleship ministry that seeks to make the gospel fun, appealing and real to kids across the world. It’s a little bit rowdy, usually chaotic and always always ends with the Gospel being preached earnestly and authentically. As […]

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I’ve been on the road and away from home for 7 weeks now. In a way a feel a little bit like an Old West Explorer, someone who set out from what was comfortable and normal in the reckless hope that the unknown ahead would be better than the current reality. I left for this […]

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I’ve been a Christian for a decade now. Writing that feels funny, because at 23 I don’t feel old enough to have been doing anything for a decade, but somehow someway I have been following Christ for 10 whole years now. When I realized this in the car the other day, it stunned me in […]

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